Stacy Madison

Founder of Stacy’s Pita Chips.
Client since 2005

I’ve had several fitness trainers in the past, all in traditional gym environments. At Spartan the level of intensity I receive each and every session is beyond compare. The diversity of workouts, the trainers attention to detail, combined with a fully equipped gym all at my disposal creates the ideal training environment.

Vic Varrasso

Owner of Varrasso Electric.
Client since 2003

Running my own business combined with juggling family life, always seemed to cause my own fitness goals to take backseat. Spartan took my limited time frame, and created workouts to match. I’ve never felt or look so good and in half the time I used to spend.

Kristin Burke

Owner of Kristin’s Restaurant.
Client since 2004

I was fairly new to exercise scene and never hired a personal trainer. At Spartan they were upfront from the start, no contracts, no hidden fees. I look forward to my workouts and always feel challenged.